Your Attic Could Be a Great Home Addition

I do not want to write in this article about regulations and laws related to converting an attic into a living space. However, they depend on the municipality and the area where you live.

In fact, this article is intended for those undecided, who need an extra living space. So let’s see, which are the advantages of transforming your attic into a wonderful addition to your home.

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Attics and lofts tend not to be anymore those dark spaces or storage spaces for the unused stuff that frighten or intrigue our children, and are becoming increasingly more, useful extensions of the house.

Attic can be your oasis of tranquility, where you can flee to recharge your batteries, so if this unused space under your home roof allows, then this place should become a place of comfort and relaxation. Each of us has always wanted a loft apartment, where he could look into the sky without having to go out on the balcony or open a window and where he could hear the sound of rain beating on the window.

An attic can become a hobby room, living room, music room, recreation room, family room or can be arranged as well as a bedroom with an ensuite bathroom. However, the variable height and angles of the roof can give you headaches about the best new destination that you should give to it.

Never mind, the corner places where the ceiling is slanted can be turned into intimate and cozy spaces using low furniture pieces, at the floor level.

Attic Conversion Ideas (video)

Attic Advantages

The main advantages of an attic are the distance from the rest of the house, which gives it privacy and the generous use of natural light. In fact, the large windows and natural lighting is the key for this type of arrangement.

If space is sufficiently large, it can be divided thus giving more uses to your attic. However, bear in mind that any subdivision shall not obstruct the natural light.

The Charm of an Attic

All the rooms in the attic are generally the most appealing interiors in your whole home, even if we cannot say for sure what is so much attractive to them. Perhaps because many people unconsciously correlate these wide spaces with mysterious, secret rooms or large play areas. However, they bring a warm feeling and a unique charm.

Designing an Attic

Designing such unique space usually comes with many challenges. Putting on paper all of your thoughts and plans could be a starting point in your decorating project.

You’ll find that the space under the roof is very versatile. In fact, there is nothing to stop you to turn it into your dream room, whether it’s a living space or a hobby room with a miniature train. With the risk to repeat myself, an attic is a challenge, and imagination must be allowed to roam.

However, most of the times, attics are converted into ideal bedrooms for both children and adults. Storage areas can find their place in areas under the eaves, can be masked by curtains, an elegant solution and much cheaper than shelves or closets.

Although you cannot overload your attic, you cannot place heavy furniture or suspended light fixtures, you can however, play with the low space under the rafters, where you can create storage spaces, sofas, benches, or even a Jacuzzi.

The chromatic as in any ordinary room should reflect the personality of the person that use this space and should take into the account the chosen theme in decorating it.

However, there is a wide range of options when you want to turn your attic into a living space. You can have a new office, a library, a bathroom or even a kitchen, not just a bedroom.

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