Anchoring Shelf Brackets on a Concrete Wall

Shelving can change the look and warmth to an otherwise stark industrial-looking concrete wall. Whatever your shelving system is standard & bracket, wire shelving, steel shelving, storage shelves, industrial shelving, garage shelving, or closet shelving,  fastening those shelves securely to the wall is absolutely critical to ensure that they do not fall down as soon as you put something heavy on them.

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If you intend to install the shelf brackets onto a concrete wall, you’ll need to pre-drill holes for the anchors.

Using an appropriately-sized masonry bit with a power drill, drill the holes at the locations you marked in the previous step.

If the concrete is particularly sturdy (or well-seasoned), you may find a hammer-drill will make the job much easier.

1 Preparation:

Before you start drilling holes in your concrete wall, you will need to check that the brackets will be placed in a straight line. Hold the shelf brackets parallel to each other on the concrete wall in the desired location for the shelf.

Place a level across the top of the brackets and adjust the brackets so the shelf will be level. Mark your first bracket, and then mark the others in a line using the level.

2 – Drill a Hole:

You will now have to drill a hole in the wall. Take your drill and insert a fine drill bit into the end. You want to make a hole which will provide an access point for the anchor, but which is not so large that the anchor is loose in the wall, so only drill an inch or so into the concrete, and then repeat for the other marks you have made.

Use a straw to blow the hole clean of all concrete dust. Wear glasses, or close your eyes, because a lot of dust will come out of the hole.

3 – Install the Anchor:

Shelves that will hold books or other heavy items require the use of a concrete anchor. There are many different types of concrete anchors made for specific loads. Before buying a concrete anchor, consider how much weight the shelf will hold when it is full. Read the weight rating on the package, and choose an anchor that is rated a little higher than what the shelf will weigh when full.

Push the anchor into the hole using your hammer, or a screwdriver. The anchor has to fit tightly into the hole, so don’t be concerned about a little resistance, just keep pushing until the anchor is flush with the wall.

4 – Install the Brackets:

Insert the screw through the shelf bracket, into the concrete anchor, and screw it into place. Once you have installed your brackets and tightened the screws, you can add your shelving. The plastic anchors should prevent the shelves from being dragged out through their own weight.

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