Create a Cozy and Stylish Balcony with Just Few Elements

Small balconies are difficult to furnish and decorate

Today, balconies are generally small and thus difficult to decorate and furnish. However, the balcony size should not limit our desire to create an outdoor oasis.

After all is our small outdoor garden in the middle of the city.

On the other hand, it gives us the unique opportunity to create an intimate, personal, and homely outdoor atmosphere.

Beautiful Balcony

How to create a cozy balcony with just a few elements

You can still simply and easily create a stylish and cozy balcony using just a few elements. Let us help you! In both our website and YouTube channel you can find hundreds of creative and inspiring ideas.

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Below we provide ones of the best balcony decorating ideas and you can find more about how to furnish your small balcony with few elements.

We also guide you in this article and the future two articles step by step on how to best furnish and decorate your small balcony. We will share with you our best tips on how to make the most of the few square feet of your balcony and create an outdoor oasis where you can enjoy the gorgeous sunny days.

What function your balcony will fulfill?

When it comes to furnish your small balcony, the best idea is to consider what function it will fulfill.

Should be an outdoor space for rest and relaxation with a good book?

Or perhaps do you want to create and outdoor space for dining?

Then and only then you can choose the right furniture for your balcony, which obviously will create the framework for your outdoor relaxation oasis.

If you want, however, to create an outdoor dining area on your balcony, there are other things to take in consideration.

You need to create enough room for a dining table and chairs. A good idea will be to opt for lightweight and folding furniture that does not take up too much from the precious space. However, if you got a tiny balcony, you could also use the balcony railing or the room wall as a backrest for a bench.

On the other hand, if you prefer to create an outdoor space for relaxation, it is a clever idea to look for an outdoor rattan sofa or a decorative bench with decorative pillows and cushions.

Here, you will sit and read a good book on beautiful summer afternoons and evenings. More than that, you can hang a hammock for extra coziness. A hammock is quite easy and quick to take down again when you need the balcony space for something else.

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