Dreamy Ideas for A Traditional Cozy Living Room

Who doesn’t want to live in a big mansion with luxurious rooms? Unfortunately, regular guy like me and in fact, the vast majority of the population lives in average size homes, sometimes in small and tiny apartments and houses, and their budget is quite limited.

However, that does not mean your home need not look absolutely gorgeous. After all, there is nothing more inviting for your guests and family members than a charming cozy family room. You need to find a symmetry between a practical, functional and a relaxing, cozy living room. Using simple decoration and designing techniques that do not break your budget you can change the look of your living room .

Cute and Cozy Compact Living Rooms | Maximize Your Small Living Space # 22 (video)

Small Living Room Design Tips

Let’s see several living room design and decorating ideas.
1. ‘Seating Groups’ – grouping, creating two or three micro seating areas make your living room looks cozier and inviting.
2. ‘Living Plants’ – will make your living room look terrific (timeless decorating and designing technique).
3. ‘Books, Bookshelves’ – a clear invitation for anyone to get comfy.
4. ‘Photos, Pictures’ – family or personal photos or a nice picture will make your family room, cozier and more intimate.
5. ‘Decorative Pillows and Cushions’ are inexpensive and a terrific and easy way to decorate not just your living room.

6. ‘Lamps (Standing or Table Lamps)’ – lighting is perhaps, one of the most important part of any interior design. However, For a cozy, intimate feeling, you should use light fixtures with a subtle and warm light that will increase the coziness of your room.
7. ‘Rugs’ – a great idea to add patterns and colors to your living room and a link to pull together your seating groups.
8. ‘Alternative Coffee Tables’ – Old trunks and luggage, footstools, wine crates, etc. can make a great alternative to a unique coffee table. You can also use large ottomans or otter items doubling as coffee tables.
9. ‘Floor to Ceiling Curtains and Drapes’ – Sheer curtains, blinds, valences or transparent curtains do not give off the same coziness feeling as long heavy and thick drapes and curtains.
10. ‘Sectionals and comfy sofas’ are the best seating solution in tiny spaces.

Using any of these creative and ingenuous ten ideas can help you to turn your room into an inviting and warm living room.

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