Tips on How to Attach Stairs to Your House

The attached stairs to your house are most likely to acquire heavy and substantial use, whether they connect your sidewalk to the front door, lead from your backyard onto a patio or a deck or cover the height difference between a side door and your detached garage.

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Regardless of their design, you can easily install and attach prefabricated stairs or perhaps the stringers for the stairway that you are building, to your house with two distinct methods.

a| First option is to screw all the notched stringers that sustain your stairs to the rim beam (joist) on your deck or home. This procedure can be applied it if you have accessibility behind the rim joist.

b| The second option is to fasten stringers with a type of angle brackets that affix to the exterior of the rim joists.

Tools & Materials

Cordless Drill, Screwdriver Bit, 1/16-inch Drill Bit, Tape Measure, Marker (Chalk);

Galvanized Angle Brackets, 3-inch Wood Screws;

Screwing the Stringers to Rim Joists

1| Figure out the stairs location by positioning two or more notched stringers against the joist located in the top of your house’s foundation. Using a chalk or a marker, mark the stringers location.

2| Use your cordless drill to drill several holes into this rim joist. You need a 1/16-inch drill bit. The holes should be at least, 4-inches apart in a vertical row. However, the stair stringers will cover the holes.

3| Because you have enough room behind the rim joist you can easily climb under your porch or deck or even reach the joists from your home basement.

4| Now you need someone to help you to hold the notched stringers or finished stairs against the joists in the correct position. From behind the beam, insert a 3-inch screw through every predrilled hole into the notched stringer until the wood screw will be flush with the beam back.

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Using Angle Brackets to Attach the Stringers

1| Using a marker mark the stringers location on the rim joist of your home as you would screw your stringers directly to the rim joists.

2| Next step is to measure the stringer width. You need a angle bracket for every stringer. The length of the angle bracket is equal with the stringer width where the stringer attaches to the joist.

3| Fasten the angle brackets to the joists with 3-inch wood screws inserted through the bracket predrilled holes. Position the angle brackets near the rim joist marks that you made for the stringers.

4| You need someone to help you holding every stringer in position until you insert 3-inch wood screws through the predrilled holes in the other side of your angle bracket. Screw through your stringer to a perpendicular angle to the 3-inchscrews that hold your bracket to the joist.