Four Wheel Home – Laird Herbert’s Tiny House

Far from being the ideal home for most of us, is certainly one of the most interesting housing for those with adventurous spirit that I have seen lately. In other words, easy to carry around, sustainable and (surprise!) does not look like a trailer!

Laird’s Yukon Modern Tiny Home – Tiny House Blog

Laird’s Yukon Modern Tiny Home

Not only doesn’t look like a trailer or a motor house, but it also can be integrated perfectly into the North American dream landscape, either is prairie or forest. In addition, its interior gives you the impression that you have arrived in the grandmother’s house in the story Little Red Riding Hood-small but cozy, and always welcoming.

But let’s return to the topic of the article!

In almost 20 square meters (215 square feet), Laird Herbert, a young enthusiast of building construction, managed to insert a loft with queen size memory foam mattress (??), a living area, a dining area, a fully functional kitchen and a bathroom with a tub and a compact “compost” toilet. Besides, who says that in such a small home, you cannot receive visitors? The sofa in the living area is extensible and can always provide an extra sleeping space.

But who is Laird Herbert?

Laird Herbert is a young Canadian resident who lives in Whitehorse, British Columbia and is a tiny home builder. The house we’re talking about in this article is actually his second tiny home that this young and passionate builder has carefully designed and completed.

This small mobile home with a price of about $ 44,500, comply with all sustainable principles.

Built on a steel structure, the majority of finish is cedar. These materials are protected by paint and varnish with low carbon emissions, wood boards joints are tongue and groove type, thus reducing the amount of metal that had been used in joints. Passive thermal comfort is assured by the wood properties that ensure closure structure both outside and inside, and by treating different finishes depending on orientation – ie north window has a triple-layer windows. Electricity and heating (including water) is provided by a propane source, ideal for hard to reach areas with a performance similar to that of natural gas.

Construction, “Leaf House” was sold to about 33,000 Euros ($ 45,000) and for the ones free in spirit and with strong sense of adventure may even be a smart investment!

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