How to Apply Feng Shui in Your Kitchen

Feng Shui specialists and designers see the kitchen as a metaphor that speaks itself about the homeowner well-being. You are a healthy person if the kitchen of your home is warm, welcoming and clean.

So if you want to be better emotionally, physically and spiritually, follow carefully the following suggestions for creating a positive Feng Shui in your house and especially in your kitchen.

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Use the stove as much as possible

This appliance helps you to achieve your maximum potential. If you cook more often, you will have more opportunities in finance, love, and you will be much healthier.

Keep your fresh food on the counter

In this way people can enjoy it. The health food exposure announces people that your kitchen is a nourishing place. A bowl filled with fresh fruits will act as a support for your physical and emotional health.

It’s good to have a cabinet drawer in the kitchen to keep all the little and probably unnecessary things

It is much better to keep them in one place than through the whole house. You just need to take care to be well organized and to be able to open and close easily. Buy a plastic or metal stand drawer which is divided, where you can put separate objects such as keys, batteries, caps, plugs, glue, rubber bands, bags etc.

You have to see the kitchen entrance from where you cook

In this way not only will you be more relaxed when preparing food, but you will also be able to have access to other sides of your life.

So if the stove is facing the wall, put a mirror to reflect the entry. In fact, you can solve this problem with a stainless pot that you can put on the stove, because the its shiny steel surface will alert you if something is moving behind you.

Make sure that the kitchen plumbing works perfectly

Dripping taps and leaking pipes are signs that health leaves you.

Do not expose knives and scissors

These sharp objects cut the positive energies creating conflicts and anxiety. Place the knives in their wooden supports and keep your scissors in the cabinet drawer.

Do not let clutter and trash to accumulate in your kitchen area

Kitchen clutter and trash can manifest in your life in the form of extra pounds. If you wish to have a beautiful silhouette, be neat and organized. Kitchen equipment that you do not use every day can be kept in the cabinets, not on the counters and shelves.

Do not hang pots and lids on supports that are taller than you

Such arrangements can make you feel easily overwhelmed. If however you’ve got no choice, find them a place where you do not work, or where you do not usually sit.

Do not let water on your stove for extended periods

This will decrease your living desire. Therefore empty your recipient when not using it.

Do not forget to create an inviting and comfortable environment in your kitchen

If your kitchen is inviting, the whole home is inviting and it will be easier for you to receive the support and love that you need.

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