A kitchen sink is not just a simple kitchen sink

The sink is the center of the kitchen.

Aside from the white ones, of course, the sink is the hub of the kitchen. You can select a sink for your kitchen, and then you can select a sink that must perform a number of tasks. When selecting the kitchen component where you are most likely to spend the most time, there are a number of factors to take into account. What type, what material, and what size kitchen sink should you have? Are there any specific regulatory requirements for your kitchen sink?

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The sink and the smart measurements.

The National Consumer Agency states that a practical kitchen sink should be no deeper than 5.5 inches and at least 18 inches on one side. Additionally, since this offers the optimum working position, it is a very good idea to position the washbasin as far forward and towards the front edge of the table as you can. Consider whether you need to wash larger baking pans as well; if so, the dish should ideally equal their size.


In order to eliminate edges that gather dirt, the sink can occasionally be flush with the worktop. If this is the case, you must make sure the sink is flush mounted, under-glued, or similarly mounted. Also keep in mind that because the water trap and drainpipes are so far back beneath the sink, there is plenty of room for things like waste sorting and simpler associated storage.


There are two distinct categories of sinks. both a single sink and a double sink, or if it’s a large and tiny sink combined, one and a half sinks. Some people also opt for two sinks in the kitchen, but this involves slightly more installation work.

The single sink

When you need to wash a number of bulky goods, a single washbasin is a wise choice. Additionally, it fits into a 19-inch cupboard component. On the other side, the single washbasin is somewhat inconvenient if you want to use it for multiple tasks at once, such as washing pots, soaking something, and washing veggies. In contrast, it provides a fresh feeling.

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The double sink

You can select between two rooms of similar size or one big and one tiny with a double sink so that you can work on multiple things at once. But since most double sinks need cabinet elements to be at least 31 inches long, the base cabinet ends up with even more unused space. In rare cases, 1.5 sinks can fit in a 60 cm cabinet, although the huge sink may still be inadequate.

Additional kitchen sink functions.

Drain: The surface can be protected by selecting a drain tray that is connected to your kitchen sink. This is especially sensible if the worktop is made of wood. It also makes cleaning up much easier and enables you to put hot pots and other things away.

Kitchen garburator: Under the sink, next to the drain, is where the garbage or kitchen grinder is located. It can considerably lower kitchen waste and is designed to shred organic waste like food scraps, potato peels, and the like. By doing this, you can also stop leftover food from smelling bad or luring flies to the trash can. The sewage system transports the finely divided organic waste to the treatment facility, where it can be collected and used, among other things, to produce biogas and fertilizer for farming. Since it is hard to get your fingers inside the actual grinder, the kitchen grinders that are currently available are safe.

However, it is not a given that you will be able to put a grinder in your sink. Since the sewage systems in each municipality vary, it is genuinely different from municipality to municipality whether it is allowed to put a kitchen grinder in one’s washbasin. You must apply to your own municipality for approval.

Kitchen style

You can select the material that best complements the design and functioning of your kitchen from a variety of options available. In contrast to the growing popularity of integrated steel sinks or Corian sinks that are one with the worktop, the porcelain sink is still a favorite, particularly in country kitchens.

The steel washbasin is still a popular option since it fits most types of tabletops, is hygienic, simple to maintain, sturdy, and resistant to many acids associated with cleaning products and food additives.

The granite washbasin is resilient and resistant to high heat up to 280 degrees. Additionally, it is extremely resistant to things like fruit juice, wine, and coffee. Although the granite sink comes in a variety of hues, it is significantly more expensive than the steel sink. But not every countertop looks well when paired with a granite washbasin.

A porcelain sink may be purchased in practically any color, shape, and price range. They are also more durable than you might imagine due to the unique way they are fired. A porcelain washbasin, on the other hand, might give a slightly vintage appearance and is best suited to totally traditional kitchen designs, like the country kitchen.

An entirely integrated Corian washbasin and worktop create a very tidy appearance. Although the price is a touch high and the material needs a little more upkeep, it is still easily restored to its original beauty.

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