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Do you want to find out more about gardening? A gardening style close to nature, which is also sustainable and ecological. We have for you, for everyone who loves plants and flowers, many clever gardening ideas.

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Local flowers for an ecological, natural garden

We pay a lot of attention to our organic food, vegan cosmetic products, and fair clothing. But few of us pay enough attention to where their natural flowers come from. There are so many questions. For example, how many kilometers they have covered in transportation, whether they are contaminated with chemicals and pesticides. The alternative is simple. Seasonal, non-toxic flowers from local cultivation.

Use just seeds from organic farmers.

It is indicated to buy plant seeds only from organic farmers. The advantages? Just plants from organic farming, without chemical treatment after harvest, with high germination capacity.

Save water for your garden.

You can see that climate change isn’t easy to stop. Nevertheless, it makes sense to consider how water can be saved by everyone from as early as the design and planning stage of the plants. For example, choose robust plants such as lavender, houseleek, or switchgrass which are not pretentious and can also tolerate drought. Another clever idea is drip irrigation. And start to collect rainwater in barrels as perfect irrigation water.

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